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The Beginning

Our parent company, Software Associates has been delivering web services and solutions to clients all over the globe for over 18 years. Our Mission is Providing IoT Sensors India, Custom IoT solutions, looking for IoT Partners, Remote Monitoring and Smart Factory.

The Journey of WeMakeIoT

Software Associates web services division started in the year 1999. We wanted to push our services and solutions a step further to create a close-to-human experience, given our expertise in delivering Custom IoT solutions, looking for IoT Partners, Remote Monitoring and Smart Factory and services across the globe, from India to the US. This prompted us to start our IoT division- “WeMakeIoT”.

We started WeMakeIoT in 2014, as an innovation extension of Software Associates. Software Associates has been a trusted partner for web applications development for clients across UK, US & Singapore, since 2000.

WeMakeIoT is into IoT solutions development – data acquisition using sensors, visualising it using IoT dashboards, analysing it and actuating based on the actionable information received. The IoT applications we have developed used AWS cloud services like EC2, S3, SNS, AWS IoT, AWS lambda, Cognito and RDS & Dynamo DB. We have also worked on IBM Bluemix, Particle Device Cloud and are well versed in NodeRed. We also use LAMP, MEAN & MERN stacks.

Hardware platforms used – Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Particle(Electron, Argon, Boron, Xenon), ESP(ESP8266, ESP32), PIC, ATmega and ARM (like STM32f1 series) processors. Sensors Used – IMU sensors (accelerometer, gyrometer, magnetometer), environmental sensors (Thermocouple, Dht22, Lm35, DS18B20, BMP280, rain sensors, leaf wetness sensor, soil moisture sensor, water level, water flow, ambient light ,LDR), Proximity sensors(Ultrasonic, IR, PIR), Detection sensors (contact, level, hall effect sensor, Reed switch, limit switches), air quality sensors ( OMRON, Sensiron, Co2 Sensors, Dust sensor, VOC, MQ135, CCS811), vibration sensors, vibration sensor switch, tilt sensors, Motion sensors (ADXL345, GY521), GPS and actuators like Solenoid Valve, Relays and LEDs.

The communication with devices that we have prototyped is established using wireless networks like Wifi, BLE Lora, LoRaWAN, Zigbee, Zigbee Mesh, BACnet, MODbus, Sigfox, Cellular(GSM/GPRS).NRF and MRF transceivers and Ethernet connections. Cloud integration has been established using HTTP and MQTT protocols. We have experience with hardware communication protocols like UART, SPI, I2C, USART, RS232, RS485, 1-Wire.

If you would like to know more about how we can leverage the power of IoT in your area of expertise, be it through Providing Custom IoT solutions, looking for IoT Partners, Remote Monitoring and Smart Factory or any other IoT-driven services and solutions, we would be more than happy to share some of our client references.

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Our Mission is Providing Custom IoT solutions, looking for IoT Partners, Remote Monitoring and Smart Factory. Our vision for IoT is to prudently connect the unconnected in order to nurture and touch human lives for a harmonious and comfortable living thus enjoying a mind share among our stakeholders. We have carved IoT dashboard development as one of our niche areas. Recently we have developed a content management system for managing connected devices. We also provide Custom IOT solutions in Singapore, using ready to deploy IOT sensors (Sigfox, Active RFID and Zigbee technologies, business analytics tools on cloud environment. We have developed an indigenous ZigBee based circuit board for sensor integrations. Being a system integrator, we can offer a wide range of services across domains and verticals.