Application areas of Modbus Protocol

Modbus is a protocol developed by Modicon systems for transmitting data across serial lines between various electronic devices. There will be Modbus master and Modbus slaves, while master will be requesting the information; slaves will be supplying the information. Modbus protocol utilizes a simple message structure, which makes it easier to deploy. It is de-facto standard of the process control and automation industry.  Since it is open source protocol manufactures can build their applications without paying royalties.

There are two variations of the Modbus protocol that go over serial associations.  One of these is Modbus RTU. This variety is more minimized, which uses binary data communication. The second one is Modbus ASCII. This rendition is more verbose, and it utilizes hexadecimal ASCII encryption of data that can be examined by human administrators.

Application areas of Modbus Protocol

The main application of  Modbus is in multi master-slave applications to communicate between smart devices and sensors and instruments to monitor field devices using Desktop PCs and Human machine interfaces. Modbus is a perfect protocol for RTU related applications where in which wireless communication is required. That is why it is used in endless gas and oil substation utilities.  Modbus is an industrial protocol, moreover building, infrastructure, transportation and energy applications can also utilize the benefits of Modbus. The common factor is the messaging structure that all devices support.

Healthcare: For automated temperature monitoring

Modbus can be used by hospital’s IT department to monitor the temperature in single      interface. Data from different floors can be directly taken via RS485 Modbus ADC devices.

Transportation: Traffic behavior detection

The abnormal behaviour of traffic can be detected by the cross referring with normal traffic patterns obtained through the Modbus TCP transactions.

Home automation: Easy transfer of data

For transferring data from different sensors used in home automation devices can be done through Modbus protocol. Since the data can be transferred via single layer it will be much easier when we compare other protocols

Other Industries

Another main application of Modbus is while connecting industrial devices that need to communicate with other automation equipment. Other major industries include Gas and oil, Renewable energy sources like Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Hydel etc.

Modbus TCP/IP offers several significant advantages like simplicity, standard ethernet, and open availability of many devices. Although Modbus is quite old and a very simple approach it seems that its success story isn’t over yet. Talk to us for projects involving modbus protocol.