LoRaWAN in Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a combination of Aquaculture, which is farming of fish and other aquatic animals, and Hydroponics which is growing plants without soil. Aquaponics is a synergy between plants and aquatic ecosystem. It uses these two in a symbiotic combination such that plants are fed the aquatic animals’ discharge or waste. How does it work? …

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Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture is a software design pattern that allows developers to build and run services without having to manage the underlying infrastructure. The developers can write and deploy code, while a cloud provider provisions servers to run their applications, databases, and storage systems at any scale. Serverless environment provides the flexibility to pay-as-you-use. In this …

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Data logger

Data logging is the process of collecting and storing data over a period of time in different systems or environments, regardless of the method used. It involves tracking a variety of events and interactions through which data, files or applications are stored, accessed or modified on a storage device. Data logging is generally associated with …

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): For Easier Communication

Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE, colloquially BLE) is a wireless personal area network technology designed and marketed by the Bluetooth SIG (Bluetooth Special Interest Group) aimed at novel applications in the healthcare, fitness, beacons, security, and home entertainment industries. Bluetooth Low Energy is intended to provide considerably reduced power consumption and cost while maintaining a …

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