Wireless Automation Systems: Smart Farming Using Zigbee

Automation is a main area where IoT will play a key role in the near future. Automation has transformed operations in many areas, including agriculture. Today, companies are developing prototypes for farm and greenhouse automation. Let us look at how automation is done using IoT based smart farming solutions. SMART FARMING PARAMETERS In a smart farming environment, …

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Ambient Light Sensor : SparkFun TEMT6000

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Introduction to Ambient Light Sensor Lighting is an integral part of a building, be it commercial, official, or personal space. Today’s generation gives predominant importance to energy conservation systems during building construction. Similarly in a greenhouse environment, the lighting system is crucial for plant growth. It is important to measure the light parameters in …

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One Wire Protocol

About One Wire Protocol One Wire is a serial device communication protocol designed by Dallas Semiconductor Corp. It uses a single wire for bi-directional communication.  It is similar to I2C protocol that helps multiple devices communicate to the same bus but the difference is that one wire protocol has lower data rates and provides a …

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XBee Module

What is Xbee? Manufactured by Digi International, the XBee module is a modem used for communication in low-power circuits. The applications which use this are typically low-cost prototyping experiments and embedded development. The XBee uses the Zigbee protocol which is used to create low-rate wireless personal area networks (LR-WPANs). The Zigbee protocol is quite useful …

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All About IoT

What is IoT? During our early days as a kid, we have all learnt how to connect the dots in order to conquer a treasure trove. Later that skill of connecting the dots took new shapes such as handwritings, images. The art transcended into connecting and developing relationships such as friendship, love, family. Using the …

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