Store, manage and analyze your machine data via CMS portal

Manage your connected devices with CMS for IoT

Our parent company “Software Associates” have been handling web based projects for nearly two decade or so. So handling web applications had been our forte to say the least. The idea of creating a content based application has been in our plan for some time now. One of the main catalysts for the idea was because of the number of connected devices we were handling. We incidentally named it “CMS for IoT” as the application can be used as a base ideally for many industries and verticals.

The application is a multi-tenant, congregated cloud platform that strongly deals with a variety of connected devices. Users can register their devices through this application. IoT driven maintenance and repair can be applied to these devices. Such augmented maintenance methodologies can help users to detect issues in their devices quickly and take appropriate remedial actions.

The “Data Aggregation” Project

Recently we had done such a data aggregation cum device management project in IBM Cloud platform using this CMS application. The client had to register their devices and equipment in their organization by entering all the vital data related to the same. The registration of devices can be done both individually and in a batch using CSV/Excel files.

Existing operation management solutions like field service management, warranty details, company profile etc. can be added through this application. These solutions can be very much integrated with the IoT eco-system that manages the data from the devices. Device details will be made available as API’s. If a new device is registered, its attributes and other Meta data would be created in a device registry and can be made available at subscription end points.

The admin side will have the feature to design the base application. This can be different concerning to each industry and vertical.  CMS for IoT is mainly envisioned to aid people who are in look out for do-it-yourself connected device projects. It works on the same way like any normal CMS would work, like adding content to the sites.

Such connected devices and product management methodologies are going to be an essential feature in any IoT based solutions in the future.