Creating energy efficient buildings

Creating energy efficient buildings with IoT

One of the biggest advantages in using IoT based Building Automation System (BAS) is the ability to integrate latest technology to the existing systems. The advantages of using such automation system includes lower energy consumption, reducing operational costs, enhancing the efficiency of building systems and better occupant comfort. Architects and engineers emphasis on creating energy efficient buildings for their clients. The wireless sensor networks together with IoT can be installed in contemporary and old buildings alike, mainly due to the fact that there is no major overhauling or alteration needed to be done in electrical wiring systems and circuits.

Interesting Stats

Energy conservation seems to be the mantra in everyone’s mind, irrespective of whether you are tenant or owner. High rise buildings grow in cities like mushrooms in rain and stats show these buildings waste more than 30% of the grid energy. Creating an intelligent or smart building can lead to conserving energy and more importantly reducing electrical wastage. According to Texas Instruments, HVAC and lighting combines more than 59% of commercial building energy use and using IoT based automated controls can cut energy use by more than 40%. People counting systems for demand control ventilation can monitor the number of occupants in a room and control the HVAC and lighting systems. These sensors would also give us a real time indication of power consumption trends.

Our Works in BAS

WeMakeIoT have always come up with innovative concepts such as smart meter, a system that notifies the customer about their total energy consumption including the average energy usage and peak electricity consumption. Such systems allow the efficient management of the distribution of energy across different energy grids. We have also developed smart kiosks that intelligently controls the back lit display based on ambient light conditions and human presence. The kiosk needed to respond intelligently based on the sensed data like switching the cooling fan when internal temperature rises.

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