IoT Platforms & Dashboards Development

WeMakeIoT is into IoT solutions development – Data acquisition using sensors, visualising it using IoT platforms and dashboards, analysing it and actuating based on the actionable information received.

Custom visualisation dashboards
Application-based UI development
Cloud setup and integration
Rule-based engine and alerts
User and device management
Control systems and actuation
Integration with analytics tools


Visualizing data from connected devices

Monitoring connected devices is always an important thing in the field of Internet of Things (IoT). The need of the hour is a fully customized real time IoT dashboard development strategy that visualizes the data coming from these connected wireless sensor devices.

Dashboards give you an overall picture of how your devices are functioning, both locally and globally, and let you control them from the page. We can help you with your IoT dashboards. Once we connect your sensors, we create web-based dashboards; from simple, analytic ones to interactive, real-time dashboards. We have the know-how of data visualization frameworks and 2D/3D rendering libraries to create IoT dashboards.

IoT dashboard development is one skill we have developed over the years. We provide customized IoT dashboards for many applications across the confines of several industries. Our highly experienced developers are well-versed in building custom web/mobile applications.  Irrespective of the IoT platform that you use for your IoT solution, our data aggregation experience helps us develop and deliver the IoT Dashboard you envision.  In our dashboards, we try to integrate data across multiple suppliers and verticals.

IoT Platforms & Dashboards Development
Real-time data from key parameters

The key data parameters coming from the sensor modules can be displayed real time in the IoT dashboards. For e.g. dashboards can display the real time temperature, humidity and current soil moisture inside a greenhouse with the help of sensors and gateway.  The expertise in encoding and data driven analytical models help us in delivering real time executions. This would be achieved through actuator actions or alert notifications.

Trend Analysis

The trend analysis is very important for farmers as it can make or break their cultivation on that particular area. The weather and environmental trends are analysed deeply and shown to the farmers via dashboard. This can help farmers be ready with proactive actions. Trend analysis is an aspect of technical analysis that tries to predict the future movement of a stock based on past data. Trend analysis is based on the idea that what has happened in the past gives traders an idea of what will happen in the future.

MAP Based monitoring

MAP based monitoring has immense usage in farming and logistics industries. The dashboard gives the user a live picture of the real scenario. Location is monitored continuously and subsequently the trends on sensor node energy levels and network load can be predicted and shown via these IoT dashboards.

Transit asset tracking & theft monitoring

Transportation and logistics industries can monitor the assets under transit 24*7 through these dashboards. Sometimes highly expensive items under transit can be subjected to tampering and even theft. These dashboards can alert the user in case of any mishap. If perishable goods are in transit, then the users can track its conditions live via these dashboards. User dashboards are also used extensively in cold chain transportation.

Multi-tenant Architecture

Our application designs are based on multi-tenant architecture so that multiple clients can access their own data from a single dashboard platform. Each user will be provided with valid credentials to access their data. These application acts as a dedicated software as a service applications (SaaS) to their tenants.

Responsive Design

Our IoT dashboards are extremely interactive and allow the users to perform various operations that will bring out meaningful insights. Our front end development team ensures that these dashboards are optimized and responsive to any screens without depending on the OS, browser or whatever the device may be. It is designed to run on any smartphone or table or personal computer.


Some of the platforms and dashboards we have developed:


Smart Farm Platform

Smart farm platform is a customizable end-to-end solution for IoT based farm automation. We created this platform to help farmers increase their productivity through a shared wireless network in a very short span of time.


Building Automation Platform

Platform created to capture data coming from end nodes in buildings and visualise and control the building automation controllers from a centralized dashboard


Solar Energy Platform

A platform created to monitor the data coming from solar charge controllers and provide a centralized dashboard for user and device management, and analytics.


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