Focus Areas

Focus Areas


WeMakeIoT is an IoT Development partner for firms incorporating IoT in their products. We provide custom IoT solutions, sensor data visualizations, IoT research & development, IoT product development, IoT platform services, and end-to-end IoT solutions catering to clients’ specific business needs. 

SensorVision IoT Platform

Sensorvision Platform can onboard and connect any IoT device. It is used for managing all the IoT entities in an application such as the users and devices, and the data generated. The platform can ingest information from any device, store it, render visualization using several inbuilt widgets, and provide updates in real-time. The data captured in the platform over long periods of time can be utilized for Analytics and Machine Learning applications. It can be hosted either on the public cloud or on a local server.

IoT Solution Development

End to end IoT solution development includes hardware design and development, sensor integration, microcontroller programming, firmware development, web and mobile app development, IoT platform, visualization dashboard, rules engine and secure APIs for third party integration.

IoT Research and Development

We provide research in various stages of incorporating IoT into products for innovators, startups and SMEs. This includes conceptual design, solution architecture, technical recommendations and documentation. End-to-end custom IoT solutions can also be developed based on the research.



Custom visualization dashboards
Rule-based alerts
Mobile App Development
Firmware Development
Interface with gateways
Product Design and 3D Printing
Automation and actuation
Cloud integration
Optimal combination of sensors
Integration with analytics tools
Productization consulting
PCB design and development

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