Wireless monitoring, control and automation of farms

Farmers are reducing control costs and improving the quality of their produce through implanting cutting-edge technology in their farms. Our Mission is Providing IoT in agriculture Sensors India, Custom IoT solutions, looking for IoT Partners, Remote Monitoring and Smart Factory.The real time information from the farms is helping them plan and be proactive to counter challenging situations. Wireless smart farming solutions gives farmers complete freedom to monitor, control and automate their process to a big extent.  They would be well equipped to deal with the ever changing environment conditions.

IoT in Agriculture

Wireless farming solutions can aid farmers gain more control over their produce 

Data, as they say is the new modern world tool. Access to more farming data means more the farmers can plan and make important decisions on their own. The operational costs can be kept at check and the whole farm can be virtually accessed from their finger tip. IoT in agriculture

Our team at WeMakeIoT have developed wireless farming solutions to help meet the challenges facing the agriculture industry. These industrial standard custom IoT solutions can help remote monitoring the irrigation and fertigation processes and live analyse environmental and soil conditions.

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Working with wireless farm network

Our Mission is Providing IoT Sensors India, Custom IoT solutions, looking for IoT Partners, Remote Monitoring and IoT in agriculture.

For building farm networks, we are mainly using ZigBee based wireless solutions. The advantage of using such wireless based technology is that it uses a mesh networking architecture. This means that the hub devices can be avoided and a self-healing architecture can be created.

In a wireless farm network, each sensor node will act as a hub and will relay and route data till it reach a destination node. The advantage is that in case of any connection lost or node failure, the data can be re-routed through other nodes to reach the destination.  The most noteworthy point is that one can add new nodes easily and swiftly to the network

The concept of IoT for agriculture

With the IoT for agriculture concept, the focus has shifted from productivity to sustainable farming. Optimal watering by sensing soil moisture, temperature and humidity controlled green house, precision farming with strict control on soil pH, etc. are no more unpractical. IoT sensors implanted in the farms are can provide farmers with information about soil nutrition, crop yields, pest infestation, rainfall and many more such critical factors.

Our smart farming solutions are based on effective integration of agriculture sensors with farm equipment and devices. Smart farms demonstrate energy and resource savings which add up to significant cost savings.

Wireless farming solutions can help in
  • Optimum usage of water and its resources   
  • Visibility into soil and crop health
  • Improved crop quality
  • Reduced manpower on the field
  • Less irrigation and fertigation costs
  • Efficient use of existing resources
  • Track important environmental parameters and weather conditions
  • Make proactive and well informed decisions

These wireless farming solutions can be an important tools for agriculture integrators, greenhouse manufacturers etc.   The advent of IoT can definitely bring in a change we grow and cultivate crops. Precision farming techniques are polished and improved with the data coming from the sensors. For more info on wireless farming technologies, do have a chat with our experts or contact us here.