IoT Node Design using LoRa


Design and create a working prototype of an IoT node based on Pycom LoPy4. The hardware consists of 2 soil moisture sensors, a RAK Gateway and a Pycom LoPy module. The node should be able to send telemetry data to an application registered on The Things Network (TTN) and then to the client’s Azure cloud.


We programmed the Pycom LoPy using micropython and captured the sensor data readings which are then sent to the RAK Gateway using LoRa communication. The activation method used for LoRa was Over-the-air-activation (OTAA). The

The LoRa gateway designed using the RAK gateway was configured to capture data from the end node and transmit it to The Things Network (TTN). Multiple devices are registered under the same Gateway on TTN and the data coming from these devices can be visualized on the Azure dashboard. We also implemented a functionality in the end node for deep sleep at pre-configured intervals. A cloud function was deployed on Azure cloud that receives device data and then stores it in the Azure cloud storage in real time.

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