Our client had multiple LoRa devices like leak detector sensors and PIR sensors which they wanted to integrate with the ThingsBoard IoT platform.


The first phase of this project was to set up the backend which included the ThingsBoard IoT platform and Chirpstack servers.

We set up ThingsBoard on the client’s cloud server. Chirpstack is an open-source LoRaWAN technology stack. It has different components like a network server, application server, and gateway bridge, and we had set up these components on the cloud. Devices and device profiles were added to the Long Range application server along with the code to decode the sensor messages. Corresponding devices were created in ThingsBoard and linked to Chirpstack devices. Now, LoRaWAN Chirpstack integration enable data from chirpstack to be automatically pushed to ThingsBoard.

The second phase of the project was to use a dedicated LoRaWAN gateway to send data to ThingsBoard. Initially, the client had used a temporary LoRaWAN gateway using a Raspberry Pi to pass data from sensors to the cloud. We modified the firmware of an openwrt-based LoRa gateway and customized it for the client’s use. This firmware is used in the router and gateway to automatically send data to the client’s cloud servers.

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