IoT Building and Home Automation Solution

Automate, Control, and Interact with your Buildings

Control your building parameters with automation controllers

Building automation systems reduce energy consumption and enhance occupant experience. We are IoT process industries with a Mission of Providing IoT Sensors India, Custom IoT solutions with IoT Partners, Remote Monitoring, Home Automation, Smart Factory, Smart Meters, Energy Monitoring Systems. Building automation applications are developed to control building and home appliances remotely over the cloud with access security and device control.

What We Do in Building Automation

WeMakeIoT provide technological assistance to implement in a building automation in india.We are IoT process industries with a Mission of Providing IoT Sensors India, Custom IoT solutions with IoT Partners, Remote Monitoring , Smart Factory. The range of service includes communication with programmable automation controllers (PAC) to monitor and control the inventory, lighting, fire and security systems in a building. We have experience in handling building automation controllers like T3000 and working on communication protocols like BACNet, ModBus etc. These automation controllers would be deployed across the site and the data would be pushed to the cloud continuously.

We try to establish communication channels between automation systems and such controller devices. Recently our client, a system integrator from the United States wanted us to implement edge computing with multiple BACNet devices. Flow-based development tool like Node-RED was used to communicate with the device through gateways. Main application point of these tools was to perform I/O operations to the device and to integrate with automation systems via HTTP. In this case the node had to fetch a particular property of the BACNet device.  A similar requirement was was received from another client to communicate with ModBus devices as well.

IoT Building and Home Automation Solution

Data Aggregation and Device Management

IoT Building and Home Automation Solution

Another expertise area would be data aggregation from equipment and machineries. Most of these machineries would be extremely expensive and are prone to maintenance breakdowns. By implanting industrial grade sensors in such machineries, the administrators can easily track the defects early based on the data it provides. These kinds of procedure help the company monitor their assets closely and also to do a regular maintenance audit. Such data aggregation process can be done with the help of building automation controllers and units. Our web solutions platter allows us the freedom to develop unique dashboards for each industry. (Read More…)

Areas of Application

Home Automation
  • Appliance control and Integration using Wi Fi or BLE based smart home solutions
  • Automatic initialization and shut down of room equipment with smart grid and smart meter building automation in india
Energy monitoring systems
  • Web interface and remote control of home energy monitors
  • PAC based systems to monitor and control electrical systems in a building
Light modulation and control
  • Light modulation in homes, offices, public spaces and other buildings
  • Lighting control system is based on occupancy sensor, photo-sensors and time of the day
Smart Metering
  • ModBus and BACnet based sub metering of the facilities
  • Monitor energy usage in an online dashboard with user-defined email alerts

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