Industrial Condition Monitoring


The client is a manufacturer of wind power solutions from Europe


Manufacturing industries deploy large machines for their assembly and production processes. These are heavy duty machines which are expensive and difficult to maintain. If one of these machines breaks down, it could take weeks to fix the breakdown and the whole manufacturing process would be disrupted. Our client wanted us to develop an industrial condition monitoring system which could capture the data coming from their manufacturing machines. Parameters such as vibration, heating, tilt and utilization are to be captured and sent to the cloud for visualization.


We developed a remote industrial condition monitoring solution consisting of sensor modules, a gateway, and a visualization platform and deployed it at the client’s manufacturing unit. The modules can be attached to the manufacturing machines via magnet, straps or epoxy. The sensors captured the required parameter data from their machines and pushed it to the cloud via the gateway. Our dashboard allowed visualization of the data where thresholds and alerts could be set to ensure smooth operations. We developed a rule-based engine on the visualization platform that enabled users to configure thresholds and receive alerts when these thresholds are crossed.

Technologies used:

  • Zigbee Mesh
  • Accelerometer and temperature sensor
  • Industrial Gateway