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Predictive maintenance application using IoT

November 28, 2017


The equipment manufactured by our client is very critical for factory automation. Preventive maintenance procedure of the equipment is a sequence of complex steps, measuring critical performance indicators and taking necessary actions. The goal is to augment the maintenance procedure using IoT thereby improving the time to run a maintenance procedure and reducing the training effort to the maintenance engineer. Our expertise in IoT driven predictive maintenance projects was a critical factor in us securing this prestigious project. Client wanted to host it in popular cloud platform like AWS or IBM Cloud.

In the first phase, client wanted us to develop an application to manage their equipment and devices and customer who bought the equipment. In the second phase of the project, the data coming from the sensor modules implanted in these devices had to be aggregated and visualized accordingly for asset auditing and predictive maintenance.


A predictive maintenance web application developed in MEAN stack and hosted in IBM Cloud (formerly known as IBM Bluemix) was used to register the user, company and the equipment to be assessed. The development was done using Node JS SDK for IBM Cloud and Object storage service was used as well. The complete details of the equipment and the internal system audit details are supplied by the user while registration. Custom end points were developed using new Node-RED instance in the IBM cloud and it helped the administrator to validate the data entered by the user.

The admin can also set new validation rules through the Node-RED interface. Based on the data input, the equipment can be closely monitored for maintenance issues with the help of data coming from the same. Compose for MongoDB and Cloudant NOSQL DB was used as database services. Augmented repair and predictive maintenance project was successfully delivered and accepted by the client.


Web Technologies:

IBM Cloud Services:

Client: Equipment Manufacturer

Industry: Manufacturing and predictive maintenance

Location: U.S.A

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