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Smart Irrigation Controller System for agriculture

July 3, 2019


One of the main challenges in growing crops is the irrigation system. An optimum amount of water needs to be supplied to the crops, after analysing various environmental conditions. The traditional way of determining the amount of water to be used can lead to wastage of this precious resource. Internet-of-Things (IoT) can be used to create a smart irrigation controller system (SICS) which can determine the optimum amount of water to be used.    

Develop a Smart Irrigation Controller System that can automate their irrigation process. The system had to determine the optimum amount of water to be used for irrigation, after analysing environmental conditions. Sensors were placed in different parts of the field to monitor environmental factors.                                  


We developed an irrigation system that can control the attached water pumps, and allow visualization on a cloud platform. It has three configuration modes for setting schedules, intervals and conditions. It provides the ability to configure thresholds to suit optimal conditions.

Once configured, the Smart Irrigation Controller System can act as a stand-alone system; making decisions as it was instructed to, and ensuring optimal conditions for the growth of crops. The status of the pumps, their usage history, and the environmental conditions can be monitored on a display. All the reports are logged online and can be used to make improvements to productivity.

Technologies Used:

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