How Remote monitoring of your assembly line from anywhere, anytime Possible

A senior plant manager’s biggest wish would be that to control, view and manage their hundreds of machines in their production line using a simple dashboard that could be accessed from anywhere and anytime. The digitalization of factories using Industrial IoT solutions and advent of smart data processing platforms have already transformed the factories and manufacturing units for the good.  The technology Remote monitoring has certainly helped several manufacturers obtain better insights into the working of their machines and factory management thereby improving their decision making power.

One of the most happening places inside the factories is in the assembly lines. It is the place where all the production parts and components are refined and assembled in a sequential operation to create a finished product ready for dispatch. We have visited many factories to meet our clients and prospects and one thing we noticed is that the assembly line is actually filled with machines that are old and legacy types. Plant managers usually have the issue of taking data out of these machines, as some might not even have a RS-485 interface. There will be machines like robotic arms, torquing machines, surface grinders, and hydraulic shafts etc. which will need constant monitoring and control. Remote monitoring of these machines could be done by implanting wireless sensor modules. It would be advisable to go for non-invasive sensors that don’t tamper your existing machine systems.

Here are few of the featuring required in a remote monitoring solution for production lines.

Wireless : It is impossible to have a wired solution for these machines as it can tangle with the production process and can even cause safety issue.

Low Running Cost : The sensor modules should be affordable for the manufacturers. It should be also easily replaceable. The software used should be open source so there is no vendor lock-in period.

Real-time & Historical Data: The dashboard should show the real-time data coming from these assembly line machines. There should be also facility to store and view the historical data coming from the same.

Monitor 24*7 : The concerned authorities should be able to view the real-time data coming from the machines from anywhere and anytime.

Proactive Maintenance: The system should be able to detect the issues early in the machines thereby preventing unwanted downtime.

Easy implementation: The entire solution should be implemented within span of few hours and should not have an impact on the machine up-time.

Connected Machines: All the assembly line machines, legacy or non-legacy ones should be connected via these monitoring systems and the data should be obtained in a single dashboard platform.

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