IoT Applications – Laying the Foundation of a Robust Smart Factory in Manufacturing

IoT Applications – Laying the Foundation of a Robust Smart Factory in Manufacturing

The hottest trends in manufacturing right now are the smart factory and the Internet of Things. IoT-driven applications are used to create a digital factory where machines, systems, and humans are interconnected to coordinate tasks along the value chain. This smart factory has the ability to design, modify, create, and customize things in real-time, while lowering costs and increasing productivity.

A smart factory is a digitally integrated ecosystem. This includes internal functions like sales, procurement, engineering, assembly and external functions, including suppliers and customers. Earlier, the various parameters of the industrial value chain, like design, planning, manufacturing and services were implemented separately. Today, IoT technologies are bringing these elements together into a smart, connected and holistic system.

Industry 4.0 uses various IoT applications in order to perform digital manufacturing. All devices, assets and tools have sensors that provide continuous stream of data. These smart sensors along with the capabilities of artificial intelligence, big data, robotics and cloud analytics lay the foundation of integrated factories that can respond instantly to changing demands of customers and markets.

IoT on the smart factory floor

Transition of a traditional manufacturing plant into a connected, advanced smart factory includes:

Connected assets:

Digital communication between connected assets on the factory floor enables cost-saving, optimization and predictive maintenance. Connectivity inside the plant can collect data from smart sensors in real time and send it to the cloud for further analytics. Connectivity and analytics make it possible to deliver a holistic picture of factory operations to manufacturers, enabling them to lower maintenance costs, increase asset life and boost factory output.

Real-time analytics:

Real-time data collection is supplemented by edge and cloud analytics to provide insights. IoT technologies accelerate the ability to get actionable insights from data that will deliver the competitive advantage. The purpose is to create an ecosystem where information, from the plant floor and across the supply chain, is captured in real time, made visible and turned into actionable and predictive insights.

Decisions empowered by IoT:

With connected data and supported by automated analytics, managers can achieve a higher level of wise decision-making. Analytical insights help in real-time decision making and adapting to sudden changes in markets, technology or consumer demands. Manufacturers can partner more closely with suppliers, customers, transport firms, all of whom have access to the same real-time data.

The Internet of Things lays the robust foundation for the factory of future; a digital ecosystem that incorporates intelligent machines, big data, automation, and advanced analytics to identify business insights. Connected machines, people, and analytical capabilities help in streamlining manufacturing and allow for significantly increased adaptability, productivity and efficiency.

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