Success Stories​

Smart Irrigation Controller System for agriculture ​

July 3, 2019


Our client wanted to build a gas detection system in multistoried buildings. He wanted to be able to track the leakage of gas if any, to the floor of occurrence.


We developed an irrigation system that can control the attached water pumps, and allow visualization on a cloud platform. It has three configuration modes for setting schedules, intervals and conditions. It provides the ability to configure thresholds to suit optimal conditions.

Once configured, the Smart Irrigation Controller System can act as a stand-alone system; making decisions as it was instructed to, and ensuring optimal conditions for the growth of crops. The status of the pumps, their usage history, and the environmental conditions can be monitored on a display. All the reports are logged online and can be used to make improvements to productivity.

Technologies Used:​

  • Particle Microcontrollers​
  • Nextion Display
  • SPI Flash Memory
  • NCD Relay Controller​
Smart Irrigation Controller System for agriculture ​

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