Success Stories​

Solar Device Management Platform

December 11, 2019

The client is a manufacturer and distributor of remote and industrial energy products as well as an integrator of IIoT products. They supply solar power systems (CESP Systems) to their customers for a wide range of applications.


The SMART charge controllers, deployed in multiple locations, are powered by Particle’s IoT modules. All the solar data parameters from the device are pushed to the client’s cloud platform. They wanted us to develop a web based platform for user management, device management, data visualization and ecommerce integration.


The cloud based web solution (B2C) that our team delivered enables our client to provide a device management platform to the end users.The end customers can register their solar device on the web platform and make use of multiple features like User Management, Device Management, Device dashboard for visualization, Alerting and Notifications during anomalies. The accumulated data can also be used for advanced analytics to improve the hardware efficiency and performance in future.The Multi-Tenant SaaS application was built on Firebase cloud platform making use of Firebase Authentication Services and Hosting Services.

The technology stack chosen was AngulasJS, Node.js, Firebase Cloud for backend. The Front end designs followed material design. The clients end devices come with a Particle Microcontroller. These microcontrollers help to control the solar device and manage the work flows. The Particle microcontroller is integrated with the particle cloud. This project required us to develop a device management feature in integration with the Particle cloud and insert the device claims statuses in Firebase. Device management page includes basic CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations. It gives a basic layout of the devices that are subscribed to a plan, and device data management capacities. Firebase authentication is implemented for authentication and user role management. Ecommerce is implemented by using Stripe provider.


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