IoT in Transportation, monitoring & tracking your fleet 

The transportation and logistics sector is one of the toughest industries to handle in a managerial perspective. There are varieties of challenges awaiting the logistics provider ranging from optimizing routes to theft detection to anticipating vehicle maintenance to asset tracking. There is urgent need of a solid communication channel in order to efficiently manage the transportation and logistics industry


Be connected with your fleet, anytime and all the time

IoT based wireless asset tracking solutions can deliver the much needed visibility in the transportation industry. Particle is GPS enabled full stack IoT platform which can improve the efficiency of supply-chain systems considerably well.

Through connected vehicles, the logistics and transportation companies can analyze real-time data to optimize experience of fleet operators and vehicle users. IoT transportation system increases efficiency and reduce downtime costs by eliminating risks. In the whole system, the vehicles and fleet are integrated with a communication network platform.

Particle based asset tracking solutions are one of the most sought after technology in transportation and logistics industry. It can be integrated easily to the existing supply chain stack and can help in predictive analysis to a larger extent.  Most of the particle based asset tracker products comes in a weather proof enclosure and with that a GPS shield as well. It is an out and out cellular bases tracking and monitoring solution.

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Implementation areas of particle asset tracker in transportation

Delivery teams:  One of the main challenges faced by courier hubs and restaurant joints would be the tracing the exact route of their delivery teams. This issue is very much relevant in large metros where it is difficult to find the exact location of the addressee.  Implementing the particle based asset tracker in the delivery vehicle will help the managers to guide the team in timely delivery and transportation. Such IoT based tracking solutions is extremely helpful in the delivery of perishable goods such as fish, meat and food.

Medical specimens and vaccinations: Transportation of lab test samples and vaccination should be handled with extreme care and precision. There are lot challenges for the logistics company handling such sensitive samples.  By implementing particle based asset tracking solutions, the clients would get real time information of the samples. They will be notified about when the laboratory specimen gets loaded and unloaded, whether the samples are subjected to tampering during transit and if the samples are maintained at a set temperature and humidity.

Proactive maintenance and Audit:  Breakdown of fleet vehicles is a true nightmare for any transportation and logistics company. Only way to prevent that is through conducting regular maintenance audit of the vehicle. Connected vehicle concept is fast catching up with the logistics companies. The particle unit can be embedded to crucial parts of the automobile to monitor any kind of defect in its working. The data can be monitored continuously over the cloud and the management can take proactive actions towards fixing a major issue with the fleet vehicles.