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Web Application Development for IoT: Cloud Platforms

Mastering the “I” factor in IoT

Web based application development has been our forte for close to two decades now. Over these years we have delivered bespoke applications, dashboards, platforms and solutions to a number of organizations and operational concerns around the globe. Our experienced developers and analysts have expertise over the “I” factor in IoT technology.

Here at WeMakeIoT have undertaken numerous such data monitoring and visualizing projects. Web application developments over here are done using open source LAMP or MEAN stack. We do python based firmware programming for gateways. We work both with structured and unstructured databases both local and in the cloud. We have experience in developing applications in Python based GUI, TKinter.


Working with Data Analytics


Data analytics over the cloud is one area we are gaining expertise on. It is all about interpreting the data and presenting to the user in the best possible and insightful way. We believe connected devices are an exploding market and there would be big need for tools like user dashboards to manage all those data coming in rapid numbers.

Integration with AWS & IBM Cloud platforms

Cloud based platforms are taking the world by storm. Most of our applications and IoT based solutions are hosted in platforms such as AWS and IBM Cloud. It is not only easy to manage, the performance of such applications are a notch higher when compared to other sites.

Please click here to read more about our association with cloud based platforms.

IoT Web Application

Application of IoT in Advertisement & Marketing

Be it sales, marketing or advertising, the impact of digital signage is huge. The dynamic display of content can be managed well using IoT based solutions. We have provided custom digital signage solutions for events, exhibitions, ad campaigns and restaurants. One of the IoT application in digital signage is showing advertisements based on proximity and motion detection.

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