A Wearable Technology to Track Your Pets

Wearable Pet Devices

The modern lifestyle has made people busy and stressed, motivating them to adopt pets as companions to relieve their stress. This growing pet adoption has resulted in demands for pet tracker devices to ensure that the pets are safe and not stolen. It is expected that by the year 2026, the market for wearable pet devices will grow up to 12 Billion US dollars. The market growth is mainly due to increased demand by pet owners to have the latest technologies to monitor their pets. Also, people consider pets as their family members and are ready to invest in the latest technologies to ensure their well being.

Pet Tracker System

The wearable IoT technology will provide you with new opportunities to monitor your pets. The pet tracker is a small device that is intended to be attached to a pet for tracking its location and movement. The pet tracker device is really small in size, battery-operated, and can be attached to the collar belt of the pet. The GPS inside the product can send the precise location of the pet to a cloud platform.

The Pet Tracker can be enabled with the geofencing feature to provide alerts and notifications if the pets go out of a set perimeter. The owner of the pet can then use a mobile or web application to monitor their pets and ensure that the pets do not get lost. Mobile and web applications can be developed with features like real-time location mapping, social sharing options and device management.

Challenges in Developing Small Wearable Device

The two major concerns while developing such small wearable devices are power consumption and short battery life. The pet tracker device has to transmit data at a high frequency, draining the battery in a few hours. The best solution to this problem is to develop the pet tracker device with a rechargeable battery along with an option for the owner to configure the data update frequency. Also, in order to make it more practical and affordable to the users, the product developers should wisely choose the components that are energy efficient and inexpensive.


As the wearable devices are getting popularity, the technology can be used to monitor pet health also. WeMakeIoT has developed an end-to-end pet tracker solution using STM32 and GPS module.

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