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WeMakeIoT's IoT solution development using Particle

WeMakeIoT’s solutions consist of the hardware, the software and the connectivity. While there are many platforms that enable this, none are as easy to develop as Particle.

Particle is a fully integrated IoT platform that gives you everything you need to build an IoT device. They provide the hardware, which lets us connect our devices to the internet in minutes, development tools to help program the firmware, and Particle Cloud which gives us full control over our devices. Particle devices come with Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth connectivity and allows mesh networks between devices. The standout feature during development was that all their devices support Over-the-Air updates from remote locations.


WeMakeIoT has been developing solutions using Particle for a wide range of applications and we invite you to approach us for Particle-based development.


Product Development
Wi-Fi, BLE and Cellular Networks
Creating webhooks
Google Cloud Integration
Over-The-Air Firmware Updates
Open-Thread Mesh Network
IFTT Rule-Based Engine
Remote Diagnostics

Use Cases

Smart Irrigation Controller

Client Profile
The Client is an agricultural automation solutions provider

Develop a Smart Irrigation Controller System to automate the irrigation process. It is to determine the optimum amount of water to be used for irrigation, after analysing environmental conditions. It needs to be controlled over a web page which can help it control the attached water pumps.

We developed a solution using Particle Argon to capture sensor values and integrate it with the client’s web application. It has three configuration modes for setting schedules, intervals and conditions. It also has the ability to configure thresholds. The status of the pumps, the history, and the environmental conditions can be monitored on a display. All the reports are logged online and can be compared to boost productivity.

Turnaround time: 2 months

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