Empowering IoT Research and Innovation: SensorVision IoT Platform at a University in Denmark

Sensor vision platform at Denmark University

The University is a leading institution for learning and research, particularly in the fields of IoT, communication infrastructure, and application development. To facilitate student projects and research, University has chosen the device-agnostic and network-agnostic IoT middleware, SensorVision. This blog highlights how SensorVision, with its versatile features and support for various IoT technologies, empowers the students in their IoT endeavors.


Seamless Integration of Sensor Data:

SensorVision serves as the foundation for the University’s IoT projects by enabling the collection and analysis of diverse sensor data. With its wide-ranging support for technologies such as LoRaWAN, Sigfox, LTE-M, WiFi, and NB-IoT, the platform accommodates different sensor devices seamlessly. Each technology utilizes a unique JSON format, and SensorVision excels in identifying and parsing this data, ensuring efficient storage and utilization for research purposes.

Robust IoT Device Connectivity and Data Management:

SensorVision’s service component acts as a vital link between IoT devices and the platform, ensuring reliable and secure communication. It establishes a secure channel for data transmission to and from the devices, protecting the integrity and privacy of the information. The platform’s data management capabilities facilitate efficient storage, retrieval, and analysis of the collected IoT data, providing students with rich datasets for their projects and research.

Deployment on the University’s Server Infrastructure:

SensorVision can be seamlessly deployed on the University’s server infrastructure. By hosting the platform on their own servers, the university retains complete control over data management and security. This deployment ensures that students and researchers have easy access to the platform within the university’s ecosystem, fostering collaboration and accelerating innovation.

Mobile Application for Data Visualization:

To enhance accessibility and provide a user-friendly interface, SensorVision offers a mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. The mobile app provides a similar set of features as the web interface, allowing students to visualize data through various widgets such as charts and gauges. With the mobile app, students can conveniently monitor and analyze IoT data on the go, enabling real-time insights and decision-making.

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