Enhancing Asset Tracking and Security with SensorVision

Enhancing Asset Tracking and Security with SensorVision

In the current business environment where the need for automation has become inevitable, asset management and security are essential. The risk of misplaced or stolen assets can lead to financial losses and operational disruptions. The use of IoT solutions to track assets and prevent thefts is the most efficient way to manage this.

The vulnerability of assets to misplacement or theft poses a substantial threat to businesses, necessitating a comprehensive solution for asset tracking and security. The requirement was to develop an asset tracking system with human and door status detection to prevent misplaced or stolen batteries.

Our asset tracking solution was centered around WeMakeIoT’s custom IoT platform, Sensor Vision. Sensor Vision acts as a robust tool that empowers businesses to harness the full potential of IoT, offering advanced technology and a user-friendly interface for elevated asset tracking and security measures.

Hardware Development for Comprehensive Asset Tracking:

Asset tags were developed and equipped with GPS modules for real-time location tracking and temperature sensors to ensure optimal storage conditions. These tags communicate seamlessly with the platform through Bluetooth connectivity.

The project also included human and door status detection sensors. Placed at entry points to storage areas, these sensors play a pivotal role in asset security by monitoring access and ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter.

Each asset placed inside the room is equipped with tracking tags that trigger notifications when someone tries to move it. The tags placed on the assets also measure the temperature, to ensure the fire safety of the room.

Sensor Vision as the Central Hub:

Sensor Vision serves as the central hub of this asset-tracking system. It offers a robust platform for managing devices and installations, as well as a mobile application for real-time monitoring. Here’s how Sensor Vision takes asset tracking and security to the next level:

  1. Device Management: Sensor Vision simplifies asset tracking by allowing users to effortlessly add and manage tags, ensuring the accuracy of asset location data.
  2. User Management: The platform facilitates the management of authorized personnel, streamlining access control and bolstering security.
  3. Alert Configuration: Customizable alert settings enable users to receive notifications when predefined conditions are met, providing a rapid response to potential threats.
  4. Historical Data: All data, from asset location to temperature conditions, is securely stored on Sensor Vision, ensuring that users have access to a comprehensive historical record.
    We also developed a mobile application that allowed users to stay connected and monitor assets in real-time, whether they are in the office or on the go.

The development of an advanced asset tracking system with human and door status detection aids in asset management. It combines hardware innovation with Sensor Vision’s user-friendly interface to provide a comprehensive solution for tracking asset location and temperature, as well as monitoring access to storage areas.

This system not only prevents misplaced or stolen assets but also provides valuable historical data and real-time alerts to enhance asset security. In today’s fast-paced world, this asset-tracking system is an essential tool for organizations, ensuring the safety and security of valuable assets.

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