Finding the right IoT Partners

Finding the right IoT Partners.

IoT is a booming market around the world. In India, the market for IoT is estimated to reach 9 billion USD by 2020. The power of IoT can bring in higher clarity on the working insights through enhanced connectivity and powerful analytical tools. A majority of the global giants in the field of manufacturing have adopted methodologies to make their factories smart and connected. So how do they find the right IoT partners for this? Are the same methodologies applicable to SMEs?

We’ve received several collaboration requests in the past. Some clients lack the capability to create the hardware for their software solutions while others may be hardware manufacturers with limited expertise in software. Such clients may require dashboards and visualization tools to interpret their machine data.

In this day and age of rapidly changing technology, it is crucial to find the right partner for your requirement, be it hardware or software. This challenge intensifies when you have no prior experience of working with such a partner network. It is important for the IoT partners to have a robust solutions portfolio and a malleable business model along with strong documentation aided end-to-end solutions. The solutions should meet all your requirements, the quality must be ensured with strong after-sales support and most of all, the cost should be within the ballpark. But above all this, the most important factors are trust and the belief that your partner will be with you throughout the production or solution journey.

Potential IoT partners should be as passionate about the technology as you are. Apart from technical skills, the team you’re working with should understand your commitment towards the project and plan their work in accordance. Strong partnerships can help companies overcome technical and capability barriers and reduce the Go to Market (GTM) time by leveraging the existing partners’ skills and resources.

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