Custom IoT Solutions that Deliver ROI

Custom IoT Solutions that Deliver ROI

The challenge that organizations faced that some prefer to solve the problem with a generic custom IoT solutions and try to replace a whole system in place.

A few will identify the problem and always the right custom solution that solves the problem. By assessing our customers’ unique needs, we create custom IoT solutions that will cover end-to-end recipe that is tailored to maximize the precise business outcome as per their business goals. Once a custom IoT solution is deployed,  our customer will soon realize the full potential the technology, people, process well-professional project management team, with the right skills and expertise required to implement custom IoT

The custom IoT solutions Software Associates provide are basically designing systems that will solve the requirements of a client.

Most of them need custom solutions that are developed for specific requirements, where general solutions are not available in the market.

The majority of custom IoT solutions include identifying the sensors and controllers to collect data from various endpoints, identifying the protocols and technology to connect and send the data to the cloud, and building a mobile application.

For example, one of the requirements we received was to build a smart water management system for a hydroponic garden

The objectives were to display the current water level and Ph reading on a mobile application, and automatically control the flow of water to refill the reservoir.

We developed the hardware and firmware to collect and transmit sensor data to the cloud, a back-end web application to collect data. from the controllers and a mobile application to display the sensor data.

We take the highest quality components for custom IoT solutions. We will then combine them with industry-leading technology and cost effective solutions. So that budgets and ROI are not compromised, but for sustainable growth

For tailor-made custom IoT solutions, on the web or mobile apps for your data collection, data aggregation, analysis and performance dashboards, contact WemakeIOT. We provide innovative-tailored made custom IoT solutions – with personalized attention – for all your IoT needs. 

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