5 Most Popular & Widely Preferred IoT Cloud Platforms

Before we begin, here is an overview of what’s transpiring in the tech realm.

You could be a Business Manager, the Founder of a tech startup or a developer wanting to specialize in IoT services. If you are reading this, you are probably interested to see what the Internet of Things revolution (IoT) is all about.

At present, a good majority of communication over the internet is between humans. The arrival of IoT is supposed to change this significantly; with the introduction of a whole new array of devices (known as IoT devices) that are neither run by people nor programmed to send messages to people. These devices communicate with each other & work towards achieving a programmed objective.

ere are a few examples of said devices.

● Traffic sensors ● Proximity sensors ● Temperature sensors

There are over 50 billion of these devices in the world now. IoT application development is a rapidly growing sector. Corporate giants are already investing in the Internet of Things. A testament to this is Samsung’s recent statement that 100% of their products will be internet-enabled from now on.

So yes, it’s a big deal.

Coming back to the topic…

Though IoT sounds cool in paper, it’s actually a sophisticated technology that requires serious expertise in various aspects including but not limited to IoT services, IoT app development, cyber-security & data analytics.

A large number of startups popped up in the last two years with the goal to master the Internet of Things & develop innovative IoT apps. All of them have to go through a series of challenges to achieve this goal. But there is one technology that’s making their lives easier; something that is helping them effectively leverage IoT the way it should be leveraged – the Cloud.

With a suitable cloud platform, companies offering IoT services or undertaking IoT application development projects need not be concerned about connectivity, security, scalability, and ease of integration.

That said, here are 5 most popular IoT cloud platforms for IoT enthusiasts.


Amazon Web Services dominates the consumer cloud market, and means serious business when it comes to innovation and features. The extremely scalable platform comes with a comprehensive set of great features and tools for easier IoT application development.

AWS IoT pricing depends on the messages sent and received.

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

The only other cloud platform that’s believed to match AWS or arguably even outmatch it in some cases, is Microsoft Azure. Microsoft is evidently looking forward to providing the best IoT has to offer.

In that regard, the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub could be one’s greatest ally for everything related to IoT and IoT services. The platform provides storage, machine learning and IoT services. Microsoft also developed an entire operating system for IoT devices. Now there is a complete IoT solutions provider for you.

The 4-tier pricing model is based on the data generated by IoT devices. It can get confusing at times but you can always use their handy pricing calculator.

IBM Watson IoT

IBM’s IoT platform takes a different approach by providing cloud services that are more easily accessible to beginners. You can try out their samples to figure out how things can work. This IoT platform is also praised for its security possibilities based on machine learning & data science.

Pricing is based on the amount of data exchanged and analyzed plus edge data analyzed.

Google Cloud

Google has always made their stand on IoT clear and has emphasized, on many instances, why a cloud platform is ideal for IoT initiatives. We all know Google’s obsession with user experience & convenience. So it’s no surprise that Google’s IoT cloud platform can make things easier, faster, and secure for businesses dealing with IoT services.

Pricing is on a per-minute basis, and is surprisingly cheaper than AWS. But the catch is that Google Cloud doesn’t have the same extensive tools and documentation features.

Oracle IoT

The PaaS Oracle platform aims to help you get your IoT services or products to market faster. The platform offers real-time IoT data analysis, endpoint management and super-fast messaging. Oracle IoT can help you a lot when it comes to making critical business decisions.

Pricing is based on the number of devices in use. The platform permits a set number of messages per device, per month. Going over this number incurs additional charges.

WeMakeIoT’s SensoVision Platform

The SensorVision platform is a customizable Internet of Things (IoT) offering that can onboard and connect any IoT device. It can be customized to the customers’ use case with ease which is something not present in other platforms. It is used for managing all the IoT entities in an application such as the users and devices, and the data generated. The platform can ingest information from any device, store it, render visualization using several inbuilt widgets and provide updates in real-time. The data captured in the platform over long periods of time can be utilized for Analytics and Machine Learning applications. It can be hosted either on the public cloud or on a local server.


There are many platforms out there in the market and choosing the right one is often a difficult decision. WeMakeIoT’s platform provides all the features one needs without the added difficulty of being too technical for a layman to understand. The simplicity and customizability of the platform sets it aside from the other platforms by large companies and is guaranteed to speed up your time to market with efficient tools for managing your data.

friend when it comes to the Internet of Things. Do tell us about your experience with IoT cloud platforms.