Our Team

Sheeba is the Founder and CEO of WeMakeIoT and has been managing the organisation since 2014. She has over 25 years of experience in the IT Sector. Having been into operations the longest, she is most particular about operational efficiency and timely delivery, which has become the mantra of the organisation.

Sourav Duleep

Business Development Manager

Sourav is an ambitious graduate with a head for numbers, aptitude for modern technology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting and Management from the University of Nottingham, England.  He is constantly looking to improve business processes and develop innovative solutions.


Senior Technical Manager

Gopidas Kalathingal is a seasoned professional experienced in designing enterprise systems, full-stack application design and project management. His recent domains of expertise are IoT, retail, investment banking and online education.


Delivery Manager

Sooraj started his career with Actionscript/Flash in 2007.
Has over 9 years of experience in resource planning and delivery management and has managed and delivered around 300 IoT and web projects


Operations Manager

Padmini has more than a decade’s experience working in some of the world’s biggest financial institutions based out of London, New York and Delhi where she has led teams in decision sciences and analytics. Her current role is to enhance the efficiency of operations, ensure that the business processes are effective and the selected strategies are capable of delivering value for all stakeholders of the company.


HR Manager

Amrutha is in charge of Human Resources and helps ensure that all our workforce make the most of their potential. She is instrumental in driving employee engagement and recruitment.

Our Team consists of Embedded Engineers, Web and Mobile Developers and Management Professionals


Team Composition

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