Energy Management Solutions with SensorVision IoT Platform

Energy Management Solutions with SensorVision IoT Platform

A leading device manufacturer in the energy management and monitoring industry collaborated with WeMakeIoT to explore the potential of the SensorVision IoT platform. This partnership aims to enhance their service offerings and provide added value to their clients. With a focus on two frontline IoT devices used for monitoring energy consumption in ATM centers and corporate buildings, the client is keen to leverage WeMakeIoT’s SaaS platform to visualize device data and unlock valuable insights.

The scope of this collaboration includes the following key features:

Power Consumption Visualization: The SensorVision IoT platform offers an intuitive interface for visualizing real-time energy consumption data collected by the IoT devices. Through interactive charts and graphs, users can gain a comprehensive view of energy usage patterns, facilitating optimization opportunities.

Savings Calculation: SensorVision enables accurate calculation of potential energy savings based on the collected data. This empowers the client to quantify the impact of energy-efficient measures implemented and provides clients with valuable cost-saving metrics.

Comparison Table: SensorVision’s capabilities allow for the generation of detailed comparison tables, enabling users to analyze energy consumption across multiple ATM centers or corporate buildings. This feature provides insights into energy usage trends, helping identify high-performing or inefficient locations.

Manual Entry: SensorVision offers flexibility with manual data entry, allowing additional parameters or external factors influencing energy consumption to be included. This enhances the accuracy and completeness of energy analysis.

Dynamic Calculation: Leveraging SensorVision’s dynamic calculation capabilities, real-time energy performance indicators such as energy intensity or efficiency ratios can be derived. This empowers users to make informed decisions regarding energy management strategies.

Alerting: SensorVision includes an alerting system that allows users to set customized thresholds and receive real-time notifications for abnormal energy consumption patterns. This proactive approach enables timely intervention, minimizing energy wastage and potential damages.

By harnessing the capabilities of the SensorVision IoT platform, the client was well-positioned to revolutionize energy management and monitoring in ATM centers and corporate buildings. The SaaS model ensures scalability, flexibility, and seamless integration with existing infrastructure. With SensorVision, they are equipped to deliver actionable insights, optimize energy usage, and drive substantial cost savings for their clients.

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