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WeMakeIoT is the only solution provider in the market who provides not just a platform but also firmware development services to integrate devices of various natures into the platform.


Have a Customized Platform

Our team of experts in both software and hardware carefully understand your requirements and configures the platform to serve those requirements accurately. Once this is done, we program your devices to add them onto the platform to manage and visualize the data.

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So much more than just a platform


The platform is a foundational Internet of Things (IoT) offering that can onboard and connect any IoT device

Ingest information from any device and store it
Receive updates in real-time
Transparent costing.
Standalone and cloud-based deployment options
Render visualization using several inbuilt widgets
No complex workflows
Utilize data for Analytics and Machine Learning

Features of the Platform

Data Acquisition and Management

Connect and manage IoT devices via the cloud using MQTT or REST API (HTTP). Collect and visualize IoT device data using flexible and responsive dashboards with relevant visualization options for the specific use cases.

Provision Devices and Users

Provision, monitor and control IoT entities, and define relations between the users and devices. Role management helps to create discrete user groups based on roles and allows role-based access control to the application

Custom Rule Engine with Alerts

Define data processing rules and set suitable thresholds for the applications. Receive real-time alerts when those thresholds have been crossed

High Level of Security

The platform embeds security as an important aspect with tools built for authorization, authentication and encryption. TLS integration encrypts all network traffic thereby creating a secure communication channel between the client devices and the server

APIs for Flexibility

The platform provides secure APIs for integration with other client devices like mobile applications and other custom-built applications

Wide Range of Supported Devices and Networks

The platform enables integrations with all Microcontroller based IoT devices in the market, to push the sensor data to the cloud through MQTT or HTTP integration

Firmware Development for Device Integration

WeMakeIoT provides firmware development services to integrate sensors and devices into the platform. This enables faster time to market and removes technical dependency

Why choose WeMakeIoT?

  • “They work effectively and offer reliable support. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them”

  • “Your platform is more flexible and that makes it easier for us to make modifications, compared to the other platforms in the market”

  • “They genuinely care about delivering a functional product not just doing their small portion of the job.”

  • “It is wonderful to find such talent in a small, nimble, flexible team and cost effective = Best Value! You also bring trustworthiness and integrity to the table… hard to find commodities these days”

How we provide you value

Twenty years of a successful partner engagement model
Post deployment support from our team of IoT experts
Co-creation model with mutual participation with SMEs
Firmware development services to integrate client devices
Customizable dashboards to meet the unique needs of your business

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