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Haystack monitoring

November 28, 2017


The client, who owns a large cattle farm in Australia, wanted to implement a wireless haystack monitoring system that continuously analyses the temperature and humidity data in a haystack. The constant condition monitoring is to prevent nutritional degradation and internal combustion of the stack. The wireless temperature and humidity sensing nodes are embedded into hay bales of the entire stack during its construction.
The temperature and humidity of the stack will be continuously monitored by these nodes and sent to cloud. Client wanted us to create a dashboard for haystack monitoring to visualize the data coming from the haystack. They also wanted the application send alerts if the temperature/humidity level in the stack matches certain pre-set conditions or exceed the set thresholds. The farmer should be able to locate the nodes based on Chip ID deployed in haystacks and also get historic data from the nodes.


We developed a haystack monitoring system and created a web API to receive the data sent by the client obtained through condition monitoring . A full- dashboard was created in PHP Zend Framework 2 to visualize the hay stack. The dashboard application was hosted in AWS EC2 hosting. This 2D visualization contains a full representation of the haystack grid including the rows and columns in each level. Color coding was done to depict the variation of set parameters in the hay stack. Temperature and Humidity graphs will show the time series data from all the nodes of the selected level in the visualization. The option for editing the haystack grid was also given. The user management options included updating the user list and device management. The historical data can be viewed in a tabular format.
System defined alert rules are managed by the admin and user defined alerts rules are managed by the users. AWS simple notification service (SNS) was used to send text message alerts to the farmers if any alert rules are triggered. Email notifications would also be sent simultaneously for the haystack monitoring system.

Technologies :


  • MEAN Stack


  • PHP 5.6
  • Zend Framework 2


  • HTTP

Client: Entrepreneur

Industry: Cattle Farm and haystack monitoring

Location: Australia

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