Transforming Gas Detection in Multistoried Buildings with Thingsboard

Gas Detection System

The primary goal of this system was to detect gas leaks promptly and accurately and track their occurrence to specific floors within the building. The solution built in 2018, consisted of micro-controller units (MCUs), gas detection sensors, RF modules, a web application, and a mobile application. Let’s delve into the details of this use case.

Components Used

Thingsboard Platform: Thingsboard serves as the central hub for data collection, visualization, and analysis. It enables real-time monitoring and alerts.

Micro-controller Units (MCU): These MCUs served as the core of the system. They were responsible for collecting data from gas detection sensors, processing the information, and transmitting it to the Thingsboard platform.

Gas Detection Sensors: Gas detection sensors were strategically placed throughout the building to continuously monitor the air for the presence of hazardous gases, such as methane, carbon monoxide, or propane.

RF Modules: RF modules were used for wireless communication between the MCUs and the Thingsboard platform, ensuring secure and real-time data transmission.

Web Application: A web application is developed and integrated with the Thingsboard platform, providing building management personnel with a user-friendly interface to monitor gas levels, receive alerts, and access historical data.

Mobile Application: For added convenience, a mobile application is created to allow users to receive real-time notifications and check gas levels on their smartphones. This mobile app communicates directly with the Thingsboard platform.

In a multistoried building, gas detection sensors were strategically positioned on each floor to continuously monitor the air for any signs of gas leakage. These sensors, upon detecting a gas leak, promptly transmitted the data to the Microcontroller Units (MCUs) located on each floor.

Utilizing RF modules, these MCUs securely transmitted the collected data to the Thingsboard platform. Real-time gas levels and alerts were made easily accessible through a web application, accessible from both computers and tablets, providing immediate visibility into any potential gas leaks.

Simultaneously, a mobile application sent push notifications to users’ smartphones, ensuring that they were promptly informed of any gas leak incidents.
To further enhance precision, the system utilized algorithms to triangulate the gas leak’s location based on data from multiple sensors, accurately identifying the floor where the incident occurred.

Furthermore, Thingsboard’s capabilities included storing historical data, enabling trend analysis and long-term monitoring. This historical data proves invaluable for predictive maintenance and the identification of patterns in gas leaks, contributing to enhanced safety and maintenance practices within the building.

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