Benefits of being a smart factory

In one of our earlier blogs, we had talked about how Industrial IoT solutions are making the Smart Factory and connected. But what exactly are the advantages that Smart Factory solutions bring into the fore? First we can look at the challenges that the factory managers are facing. It’s a no-brainer that most managers or supervisors have their eyes set on decreasing the operational and liability costs associated with the working of a plant. Most of the concerned authorities lack deep insights into the working of the machines and subsequently fail to spot the impending issues in their factory machines. Another challenge is that most machines they use would be old and legacy ones and would be no data logging and transmitting facility in them. The plant campus would be too large and it is virtually impossible for each concerned authority to go near each machine personally and check the working of the same.

In a production line there would be lot of machines, whose working would be drastically different from one another. The data parameters such as vibration, axis movement, sound, engine temperature etc. can determine whether these machines are working perfectly and can proactively determine maintenance issues in them.  With Industrial IoT solutions, we can measure these parameters wirelessly and remotely thereby maintaining the production uptime. You can read more about how plant managers can remotely monitor their equipment easily and conveniently. The proper working of these machines also ensures safety for its operators as well. Nowadays governments across the world are coming up with tighter workplace safety laws and such solutions help the factories meet safety, health and environment obligations and guidelines.

Most of such solutions are non-invasive and fit into the existing IT architecture easily.  Moreover these new-age solutions don’t require much implementation and turn-around time. Most solutions would have a plug and play type of implementation methodology. Above all these solutions would be able to connect all the factory machines into one framework and thereby increasing its life expectancy by many folds.

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