Borderless Manufacturing Practices and Industry X.0 with IoT in Discrete Manufacturing

Industry X.0 is the latest industrial revolution that the discrete manufacturing sector is embracing through machine intelligence and a connected network. IoT is the smart enabler of this leapfrog digital transformation in industrial applications, not just in India but also across the entire world, connecting disparate enterprise assets, processes, and people. Managing the breakneck speed of growth, intense competition, and continuous change has been tough for the discrete manufacturing industry. It has hence been under constant pressure to look for smart tech-enabled solutions to succeed in this landscape. IoT in discrete manufacturing has come as the perfect liberator in this scenario.

IoT helps create a well-integrated ecosystem where every equipment, workflow, and stakeholder is connected seamlessly – not only within the enterprise but also across the supply chain. Whether you are in the automotive, aerospace, or industrial machinery sector, IoT has become the critical go-to technology that can help you get ahead of competition.

How can IoT help in discrete manufacturing?

How can IoT help in discrete manufacturing?

IoT is all about securely integrating “things” and the critical data that these “things” generate. Through real-time data capture and analytics, IoT-enabled solutions can help stakeholders take critical decisions backed by timely insights. Let’s look at four most popular applications of IoT in discrete manufacturing.

Predictive equipment maintenance

One of the toughest challenges in managing a smooth production process is in handling sudden equipment failures. Manual maintenance protocols are cumbersome and unplanned downtimes are disastrous to a tightly stitched production process. Hence, mapping equipment performance to critical parameters can help warn the need for equipment maintenance well in advance and simplify planning. IoT can also simplify implementation of efficiency improving methodologies such as Kanban that streamline the entire production process on the backbone of data.

Effective inventory management

The aviation industry is the ideal example for smart management of inventory. The efficiency of this industry depends entirely on having the right part at the right time and the right location. IoT-empowered predictive analytics simplifies inventory management by instantly alerting the corresponding supply chain stakeholders when the inventory levels shift below a predefined threshold and initiating the part procurement protocol across the entire ecosystem. The solution is also embedded with the cognitive intelligence required to make the right choices.

Real-time visibility

The power of visibility is crucial in the manufacturing landscape. You definitely need to about every important detail related to your equipment performance, process flow, resource availability, and regulatory compliance. Mapping every characteristic to select parameters and data sets can deliver this visibility across a single dashboard.

Enabling a secure work environment

Worker security and equipment malfunctioning are two mainstays of high productivity. This requires mapping the key performance indicators of workers and different equipment to measures of healthy and danger zones. Simple IoT-enabled wearables for workers and IoT sensors for equipment can help monitor work environments. This approach can help you take prompt action in case of hazardous situations. This is especially useful in industries such as O&G.

Achieving Industry X.0 and beyond with smart IoT services and solutions

You’ll definitely need a lot more than hard work to adopt the current trends of the discrete manufacturing industry. So go in for a smart IoT-enabled customized solution that fits your specific needs. Make sure you know the outcome you want to achieve with the IoT initiative. Choose a technology partner who has the experience and expertise to help you understand your specific problem and visualize the solution. Do not look at your requirement in a siloed manner. Never rush into a complete makeover – strategize your transformation in stages. With these smart moves, you can certainly proceed confidently into the Industry X.0 era. Connect with us today to explore specific IoT-enabled solutions to solve your unique discrete manufacturing problems.