ESP based Wi-Fi Lighting

Smart Homes: The one for the future

Smart home concept is slowly taking predominance in the designing and construction industry as it offers the control of almost every home peripheral at your finger tip. What if we could control the lights at home sitting at a remote location? Complete home automation is very much a reality these days. ESP based Wi-Fi lighting concept is fast catching up as lighting has got great importance in interior and exterior designing in the present days. Remote based Lighting solution doesn’t get accepted in the market since it requires a dedicated remote controller. Automatic lighting based on light sensor and occupancy sensor got great acceptance in the market, but a centralized control is not present in this scenario. Building management system and other automation system requires a customized wiring and controllers. The biggest advantage of such automation systems is that it can integrate to existing electrical circuits without tampering it a bit.

In one of our earlier blogs we had mentioned about the working of ESP8266 and how it has drastically reduced developer effort to build up IoT solutions.

ESP based Wi-Fi LightingWorking of ESP based Wi-Fi lighting

ESP based Wi-Fi Lighting running on ESP modules have got an advantage that it can be connected with the local networking system. It is low cost when comparing to the other lighting solutions and doesn’t requires any dedicated wiring. It can be triggered from anywhere in the world, since the controller actions are done via internet.

ESP Wi-Fi module can be interfaced with light sensor and occupancy sensor to make smart W-Fi- Lighting solutions. A huge range of colour combinations can be obtained using RGB LEDs along with brightness control.  Theme based lighting control can be performed using Wi-Fi lights; this type is mainly used for decorative performances.  Automatic lighting adjustment based on weather condition can also be done using ESP based Wi-Fi lighting.