IoT for Greenhouse Automation

IoT for Greenhouse Automation. The primary aim of a greenhouse is to be able to control the growing environment. A limited range of temperature, soil moisture, light, humidity, air, and nutrients are the factors required to grow plants. A greenhouse aids in plant growth and reproduction by helping control some of these factors. A greenhouse can regulate the flow of water, light, airflow, heating and help control pests and pollination. However, it is difficult to keep an eye on it at all times and adjust everything by hand. The use of technology to automate the tedious process and be able to remotely monitor the greenhouse provides invaluable savings to greenhouse owners.

How the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions benefit greenhouse owners and managers?

Irrigation, ventilation, heating, nutrient dosing, and pest control are some of the crucial processes that can be automated in a greenhouse. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions benefit greenhouse owners and managers to a great extent.

One of our clients in Kenya who owns a greenhouse, wanted us to develop a solar-powered IoT solution that could monitor and control environmental conditions. They wanted to automate irrigation based on soil moisture deficit and changes in temperature and humidity. We deployed sensor modules across their greenhouse which captured required data and transmitted it to a cloud-based gateway. The gateway passes commands to the actuators to take actions such as rectifying low soil moisture. The whole solution was primarily designed to be powered and run by solar energy.

We designed a web application that enabled owners and managers to visualize all the data on a dashboard and make configurations where necessary. The ease of access and the ability to analyze and take corrective actions while away from the Greenhouse opened the doors for some much-needed automation. WeMakeIoT develops solutions that help farmers and others in the field of agriculture automate lengthy manual processes.

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