High temperature monitoring using thermocouple sensors

High Temperature Monitoring in Factories

In factories, machines are scheduled to work round the clock non-stop; this can lead to an increase in equipment temperature and subsequently put the workers under risk.  Similarly in factories which would have entities and equipment operating close to 1000 °c, high temperature monitoring becomes very important.

Imagine a motor pump that operates 24*7 in a factory, there is a serious chance of motor bearing to be worn out because of overheating. A small mishap can lead to huge losses to the factory. It is important to keep the equipment temperature in check to avoid such mishaps. Remote temperature monitoring becomes a necessity in such conditions and this can be achieved with the help of temperature sensors like thermocouple.

interior view of a steel factory,steel industry in city of China.

 What are thermocouple sensors?

Thermocouple sensors are extremely popular low-cost self-powered temperature sensors and are used in applications that cover vast area. Thermocouple basically measures change in voltage and includes two metals in open and closed form. Working on thermo-electric effect, thermocouple catches the thermal difference that arises between two metals when a voltage is produced. The output voltage is proportional to the rise in temperature. A ceramic shield is mainly used to enclose the thermocouple sensors.

Though there are eight types of thermocouple sensors, the most common among them are K, J and T. While Type J is operational from 0 to 750 °C, K is operational from −270 to 1,260 °C. Type T thermocouples are best suited for capacities in the −200 to 350 °C range. As you can see all these versions can withstand extremely high temperatures making it ideal to use in big factories.  It is extremely important to choose the appropriate thermocouple for an application. The first priority is certainly the temperature range of the operating environment and the second would be the material compatibility.

Our team at WeMakeIoT recently got a chance to work with thermocouple sensors, used in high temperature monitoring applications. Wireless thermocouple devices were developed that transmits temperature to an app. We have also expertise in developing customized building and factory automation solutions.