How Custom IoT solutions can help you manufacture best quality products for your customer

In today’s highly competitive global economy, a product’s poor quality can cause dire financial implications for companies with Custom IoT solutions. Defective products inevitably lead to increases in warranty costs and damage customer trust. There is also the loss of money and time in taking actions to remedy the situation. In cases where a recall is involved, brand damage and future product sales suffer, not to mention the revenue losses.

To overcome these challenges, it is becoming important to perform product analytics in addition to process analytics. The application of IoT driven product analytics significantly reduces defects and improves product quality. When manufacturers install IoT tools to receive data about products, their quality, and usage, it helps them take corrective actions preemptively, giving them a competitive advantage.

With IoT, driven applications manufacturers can get-

Product quality insights.

  • Monitor and analyze the process and product quality at critical points in the supply chain and production processes.
  • Detect when sub-standard materials are introduced. This helps manufacturers to immediately replace them or replace vendors providing these materials
  • Provide tools to better monitor machine and worker performance. Optimal asset health and performances impact the quality of products.
  • Identify design features that are causing manufacturing problems, take steps to rectify them before they spiral to product defects.
  • IoT driven technology can immediately detect defects in a finished product. IoT enabled quality analysis solutions offers incredible possibilities to ensure that the quality of a product is flawless.

Product performance insights.

  • Product design can be adapted to shortcomings in product performance or unusual or unanticipated usage.
  • The product usage data will give the design team an accurate view of the aggregate use of the product, which can alter future design decisions.
  • It is possible to understand product defect arrival patterns and causes through the collection and analysis of data.
  • Product planning, design, and quality departments can learn from a product’s operational behavior through IoT applications to improve features that customers use most.

Product experience insights.

  • Sensors in products can point to the performance of the product in the fields. Monitoring usage data can provide accurate and detailed perspective regarding the customer experience of the product
  • It can potentially alert customer service, warranty management and allow for proactive notification
  • Companies can also better position their customer support centers to allow more immediate service, reducing costs and appeasing customers simultaneously

Product managers across manufacturing industry face challenges to continuously improve products to adapt to changing technology, markets, and customer demand. Custom IoT solutions help manufacturers to integrate technology into products. This will aid them to harness valuable insights for future improvements, create new revenue streams, increase brand reputation and build a loyal customer base.

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