IoT Dashboard: An Overview

Dashboard in common terms refers to a page or a form that will provide a glimpse of the key performance indicators (KPI) of your business process. Internet of things is growing rapidly. From small start-ups to big technology giants like Intel every company is keen to invest in this innovative technology.The amount of data generated by IoT is humongous. The more the data, the better it is for analytical purposes as the end result would be valuable insights. Combining IoT induced data and making it available for the required personnel in a single frame constitutes the concept of IoT Dashboard. IoT Dashboards are used extensively in farming applications, building automation and supply chain management.

Overview of IoT dashboard

Real Time Data: The data coming from the sensors can be shown real time in the IoT dashboard, for e.g. we can show current temperature and humidity reported by an air conditioner.

Operational Data: Operational data constitutes of the data which is crucial towards the working of the whole system.  It gives an exact view of the sensor data deployed across the system. It may be the power consumption of a particular machine, or the raw data coming from the HVAC system.

Analytical Data: Sometimes it would be necessary for aggregating / combining various data point, plot it in a chart, compare against benchmarks / goals. All the required KPIs can be summarized and shown using graphical representation. Analytical data can also be used for future predictions and inferences.

Data Analytics

The concept of an IoT dashboard is constantly changing, initially it was just used as a data analytical tool, but now it is more of an interactive front end tool by which we can actually control a system. Various widgets can be drag and dropped into the interface and can be actually used to trigger an actuator system. The data visualization concept is also fast changing thanks to innovative features like drill down reports and SCADA like UI. Also relevant to the system, data thresholds can be set in order to alert the user according to the situation.