How Remote monitoring of industrial plants works

How Remote monitoring of industrial plants works

We all agree to the fact that the job of a plant manager or supervisor is tough and demanding and it requires Remote monitoring. The managers must be constantly on their toes to ensure that the critical machines in their plants are operating at maximum efficiency thereby having zero downtime and guarantee that the customer commitments and deadlines are met at any cost. In most factories, the managers must go near each machine to ensure it is operating in its full potential. For any business to sustain, it is important to anticipate the failure and issues proactively.

Benefits of IoT enabled remote monitoring solutions

IoT enabled remote monitoring solutions offer much more than just reducing operational costs, it makes the whole supervising process smooth and easy to handle. The equipment breakdown and maintenance alerts can be determined beforehand without going near the machines. This can be achieved through implementing wireless remote monitoring solutions that will keep the concerned authorities well-informed of any faults along the line. These solutions can also predict failures proactively, even before they occur. The maintenance procedures can be automatically scheduled with the help of data acquired from the wireless sensors implanted on the equipment.

For plant managers and supervisors there are two direct advantages of installing such remote monitoring solutions
  1. The plant campus might be spread across a large area, it is difficult for a person to reach every nook and corner of the campus. By installing wireless monitoring solutions, they can view the live real-time data coming from the machines on their mobile screens or laptop
  2. Some managers hop between plants inside or outside the country as part of their duty, so it is difficult to keep track of what is happening at their base plant. With the help of cloud-based solutions, they can view the real-time data from any part of the world

Apart from these advantages, the managers can be alerted of any anomalies in terms of parameters such as vibration, sound, heating etc. occurring from the machines. They can use these data to detect issues such as corrosion, wear & tear, misalignment, imbalance, clogging, loosened or poorly lubricated body parts etc.

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