Custom IoT for Industry Machinery Manufacturers

Global Machinery Manufacturers are facing high competition such as delay in releasing new designs, increasing complexity in engineering, changing demands from end-customers in machine use and faster time-to-market. They have to reduce to cost of operations as well as increasing the profitability.

Internet of Things, design automation and smart factory systems helps Machinery Manufacturerss to achieve the demands for design changes, production, increasing time-to-market and customer satisfaction.

Business case:

One of the project initiatives that was taken off was to have continuum connect as part of the online support services at the customer’s location, by monitoring and maintaining the performance of the machinery. Industrial machine builders are installing Smart Factory systems and process, and this is one of the use cases we could implement.

Linking machinery and production data and using it with dependencies was cusmbersome. Initially, there were challenges of collecting data from very different applications of the company, such as Computer Aided Design applications, Design Automation database, Product Lifecycle Management systems,  Enterprise Resource Planning and the Shopfloor bring together and gain new insights through IOT dashboard. They required high real-time and security requirements and the project had an extra effort on providing additional security checks in the user interface.

The systems involved in the production, remaining on the company premises – on-premise – will be integrated into a private Cloud network. It combines the applications of business IT applications and OT operational manufacturing applications. The IOT thus forms the basis for the Smart Factory and creates an interface where all the essential information from the production process is collected and processed in real time with the help of customized IOT dashboard.

Overall, IOT custom services for Industrial machinery manufacturers are used in both production and aftermarket process. This will improve customer satisfaction and long term business relationship. IoT currently provides methods of creating this new business model and is expected to offer more capabilities in the future. To know more information about IOT capabilities for industrial machinery manufacturers, please write to us at info@wemakeiot.com