How are IoT solutions delivering lasting solutions to the food processing industry

IoT solutions The digital revolution is here and like the many industries across various sectors, the food industry is also beginning to see the impact. Slowly, but surely, the food processing industry is becoming smarter. With the IoT driven applications, the food suppliers, processors, and retailers are uncovering new opportunities that influence productivity and safety.

Innovation and IoT in the food industry

Food safety and quality

The implementation of IoT solutions in the food industry has been considerably reducing the risk of food illness epidemic. Smart sensors embedded are being used to monitor production, shipping and parameters like humidity, temperature etc. The real time data from these sensors allows organizations to closely supervise food safety data points, ensuring effective food chain management. Sensors can significantly help to increase quality control, detect irregularities and foreign materials in product, and allow real-time optimization of the production procedure.

Shipping and Logistics

With the help of RFID tags and GPS systems, the entire distribution chain can be monitored from storage to shipping to the sales outlets. This enables companies to be acquainted with the preferences of customers, adjust to market requirements and decrease surpluses. It also helps in providing transparency and visibility into the food supply chain and helps automate delivery and shipping processes.

Supply Chain Transparency

Traceability, transparency and visibility throughout the supply chain will aid food agencies to acquire customer loyalty and trust. IoT solutions technology can help both companies and consumers to track products. It also aids in improved inventory management, cost savings, and faster lead times. Businesses can avail benefits by identifying and inefficiencies in the supply chain, meeting food safety regulations, and offering transparency to customers.

Wastage Reduction

Nearly one-third of food produced is wasted globally each year, a statistic that is alarming. Wastage reduction is not only important in terms of money but for the environment as well. IoT solutions makes it possible to effortlessly monitor the state of all food products and send the real-time information, which decreases food wastage across the chain.

Equipment monitoring and maintenance

By implementing remote monitoring of food processing equipment, you can predict issues before they happen, saving time and money. Predictive models of IoT applications can be applied to anticipate equipment or product failure and to enable proactive maintenance.

Feeding the growing world population is the challenge in front of many countries. While agricultural production is one aspect of it, ensuring that the food produced is available for consumption is also as critical. With the availability and proliferation of IoT driven applications & services, the food industry is experiencing some key transformations, particularly in terms of food safety.  Technological advances are paving the way to unprecedented process control and transparency while increasing yield and quality of the global food production and processing.

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