Particle IO based asset tracking solutions

Cost-effective asset tracking solutions are adapted by manufacturing and logistics companies to monitor and handle heavy shipments. IoT as a technology is offering cutting edge solutions in this field and can manage extending the asset tracking capability well above a company’s comprehension.

Few benefits are of asset tracking solutions are:

  • Supply chain visibility
  • Tamper proofing consignments
  • Ensure optimal environmental conditions
  • Enhanced order tracking experience

The supply-chain visibility improves thanks to the better communication facilities between each concerned departments. Transportation of high cost machineries involves huge amount of risk .Most of these systems are generally high in expense and need to be looked after well in transit.  Conditions affecting the machineries in transit such as tilt, vibration, etc. will be monitored constantly for preventing damage.

IOT aided remote monitoring platforms can deliver the increased visibility necessary for suitable asset tracking and maintenance. Particle is one such GPS enabled IoT platform which can integrate into the existing supply chain. This unique full-stack IoT platform can integrate easily with the already prevailing supply-chain systems thereby improving its performance by many notches.

Asset tracking solutions, powered by Particle can also reduce the chance of abuse and theft of the machineries in transit, and would be helping in avoiding accidents occurring due to the machine failure. It is amazing how such small solution can enhance a company’s revenue and more importantly its reputation. This innovative technology has features such as cellular-connectivity modules, SIM management, comprehensive development tools. Above all it can integrate easily with existing customer data and help in predictive analytics and supply chain stack .

Beneficiaries of Particle based asset tracking solutions

Manufacturers: Particle can help in providing accurate and up-to-date information of the current inventory stock and can also monitor its movement. This can help in duly notifying the production department upon a decrease in stock and subsequently eliminating stock disruptions and production stoppages. Easy tracking of stocks that are misplaced or lost or better stacking of the products in the racks can also be managed using particle based asset tracker.

Distributors:  Distributors can be proactive in managing their fleet to avoid the reputation hampering delays in supply. The steady flow of in-transit data coming from the particle asset tracker can help in managing efficient fleet routes. The distributors would be duly notified about the delivery status and real-time pickup of the items. The 24*7 tracking system can help the distributors to survey the transit and subsequently reduce the risk of theft or loss.

Customer:  The end customer can monitor the status of the product and can also ensure the quality of the product is not compromised one bit. Customers can be also be provided live tracking and timely delivery of notifications.

Our development team here at WeMakeIoT also finds Particle to be easily and fully customizable and configurable. Particle can also boast about one of the largest IoT developer communities in the world. Please have a look at our smart transportation solutions, which can help manage your fleet by monitoring and tracking your assets.

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