How farmers can stay ahead by using IoT to manage water in Irrigation

Making smarter water decisions

While there are many factors that impact the health and quality of a harvest, water is the most vital one. Water Irrigation management plays an important role in ensuring that crops are getting the right amount of water at the right time. The Internet of Things (IoT) is making it easier for farmers to monitor and control water resources to meet demand, while also reducing waste and operational costs.

Controlling water resources to meet demand

Farming uses more water resources than any other industry. A high percentage of this irrigation water is wasted due to lack of supervision and real-time monitoring, which can lead to drought and other resource shortages. Smart irrigation systems help farmers conserve more water over time by:

  • Collecting real-time water usage data through remote sensing technologies that enable smarter decisions about water usage.
  • Triggering actions based on sensor data to control the flow of water, depending on irrigation needs and level of resources.
  • Using insights gathered from data to prevent misuse and underutilization of water resources.
  • Quickly detecting leaks and faults in pipelines to address issues immediately and reduce water waste.

Improving the efficiency of crop yields

As the human population continues to grow, demand for crops is at an all-time high. Ultimately, growers want to produce the largest quantity and highest quality agricultural yields. Smart irrigation helps growers improve the efficiency and consistency of their yield by ensuring optimal water usage.

Smart irrigation can provide critical value to farmers by:

  • Keeping track of changing conditions across agricultural environments by tracking temperature, rainfall, humidity, and wind with smart sensors.
  • Remotely measuring and monitoring water moisture levels in the soil to ensure that crops are getting optimal water resources.
  • Automatically triggering sprinkler systems to address low soil moisture levels.
  • Capturing valuable data to indicate trends and make forecasts based on a variety of conditions.

Boosting crop yields and reducing water wastage

Smart irrigation solutions enable growers to reduce water waste, save money, and improve crop yields through data-driven water resource management.

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