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June 1, 2018


Our client wanted us to develop a digital signage solution that could play 1080p short videos and be remotely managed through a web interface. The web portal needed to have different access levels i.e. users at a manager level, and users at a client level to manage the playlist of the digital signage. The users also needed to know the status of each of the signages remotely.

As the signages were expected to be moved from one place to another, it was required to develop a portal for setting up Wi-Fi.


Our team at WeMakeIoT developed a web interface and a software solution to manage and display Full HD (1080p) videos in a loop. We used Raspberry Pi to load images via an SD card. Digital Signage will download the necessary playlist and video files, and play them back in a loop. The web portal was developed in LAMP stack and hosted in AWS EC2 and RDS. The web application consisted of two user authentication levels; manager and local client. The manager account can manage and assign the signage to local clients and the client account can create and manage playlists for digital signage. The status of the RPi’s can be visualized on a dashboard.

Technologies :


  • Raspberry Pi 3​


  • LAMP Stack​
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS RDS​

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