A Custom IoT Solution Provider: WeMakeIoT

Custom IoT solutions I kundenspezifische IOT-Lösungen

At wemakeIOT, we make real-time control of IoT platforms using industry-specific and application-specific solutions. From concept generation, prototype, software development and deployment, we support our partners in cost effective Custom IOT Solutions.

We have developed several custom IoT solutions. Based on the client’s needs, we have developed web applications, codes for device communication flows and custom nodes for Node-RED (Flow-based programming tool for IoT). Cloud web platforms usually include user management, device provisioning, visualization, device status, alerting and rules. Based on the requirement, we create solutions using MEAN stack or PHP, and our developers provide 100 per cent error-free and intuitive web interfaces for using the application. We host the solutions on various providers, keeping in mind security and performance.

For some projects, we’ve developed device firmware to send and receive IoT data using various protocols and interfaces. It will communicate with custom web applications developed by us, or that will be integrated with existing IoT cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure. We also provide solutions that can be integrated with open-source IoT platforms like Thingsboard.

For certain projects, we had to develop Node-RED flows and custom Node-RED nodes that were to run on capable device gateways. Along with communication between the cloud and Node-RED, we’ve also developed utility nodes to perform the business logic of HVAC operations and control hardware input and output. Write to us to know more about custom IOT solutions info@wemakeiot.com. Thank you reading!

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