Impact of IoT in energy saving solutions

The rise of connected devices

We have been researching how IoT can bring a positive impact in conservation of energy worldwide. IoT solution providers are clearly highlighting this as a game changer in this industry. There is a steady increase in the number of connected objects and is estimated to reach a staggering 25 billion units within 3 years’ time. Though all of these devices may not be in the energy saving domain, the numbers are still of enormous proportions. Many business pundits are speculating a huge investment in energy saving solutions driven by IoT in the coming years.

Sensors and Actuators

The advantage of IoT solutions is that it is not at all about big smart devices after all, even a tiny LED or a buzzer is very much part of an energy saving solution. The sensors too are getting advanced day by day. The usage of location based sensors, motion detection sensors such as PIR sensor etc. has helped in creating applications that helps in conserving energy big time. The current hot properties in the world of sensors are the wearable ones, which practically can be worn as accessories. The sensors upon collecting data would pass on the real time information to the actuators which would then be triggered based on the set threshold points. Traditional solutions will eat up a lot of manual time for these processes and that’s the one area IoT solutions really score.

Another recent development is the usage of these collected unstructured sensor data. The future behaviour prediction is a common methodology with the usage of so called “Big Data”. These data inflow will only get better with the advancement of technology and with the smart phone users reaching an unprecedented number in the coming years, IoT based energy saving solutions is really the way ahead.