Smart Energy Saving Solutions

We have often found machineries and devices unnecessarily functioning without any usage whatsoever. We have seen fans and lights unnecessarily functioning at an abandoned room. The sight of an overflowing tap makes us sad; I can give you hundreds of examples where we waste energy and other resources. The need of the hour is smart energy saving solutions and in this article we would focus on how embedded devices can reduce such wastage to a certain limit.

Smart energy saving applications

  • Smart Kiosk: Often in railway stations, airports, hospitals etc., you would see Kiosks functioning idly. It needs only to function if there is a human presence in its vicinity; the same can be achieved with the help of an ultrasonic proximity sensor.
  • Motion Detector using PIR sensor: This sensor basically detects any activity in a particular place. It can be used to manage the electrical devices in a room based on the human presence. If there is no activity for a certain period of time, the power can automatically be cut off thus saving precious energy.
  • Street Lights: One thing that annoy me the most is seeing street and park lights on right in the afternoon. In my opinion all lights should be controlled based on the daylight timings and natural light intensity.
  • Smart Taps: Reduces wastage of water by a huge margin by switching the tap only when a user comes near it. Similarly when the user takes his hand away, the water flow can be stopped.

These are only few of the examples were energy and other important resources can be saved. The world is fast changing and the needs of smart energy saving solutions are a must for the future. It is time we do something for the future.